Virtual Terminal

The VT utilizes a hierarchy system that allows companies to best define their organization as it relates to use of the VT system. A single organization can create a tree of sub-organizations, each with users relevant to a particular hierarchy level. Users can be granted permissions based on organization defined profiles, with the ability to alter or change permissions of any given user via master account login. The hierarchy system branches to five levels deep. User permissions include a multitude of possibilities, including access or restriction to schedule transactions, search, access reporting, issue refunds and much more. Top level master access provides for permissions to all levels of hierarchy. Users that might reside within the top level of the hierarchy can be assigned permissions to read reporting, but denied the ability to originate transactions. This can be extremely helpful for accounting departments within a large organization.

Merchant Options

The VT Merchant Options utility contains areas for specifying entry class codes, accepted payment methods, receipt messages, Add Transaction field appearance options, AVS settings, and much more.

The VT allows transactions to be added, scheduled and searched. Auto-populate functionality saves time by drawing upon data from previous customer data. Bank transit routing numbers are verified instantly, providing the sales and customer service personnel with the ability to match screen data with consumer information. Both Credit Card and e-check transactions can be managed and transmitted from the VT, including authorization only type transactions. Refunds, sales, scheduled and recurring transactions are accomplished simply and efficiently.

The VT provides a suite of reports, including Origination Reports, Deposit Reports, Returns, Verification Reports and Scheduled Transactions. Reports can be viewed online and can be printed, saved or exported in a number of file formats. And because of the VT hierarchy system, reporting can be segregated to allow user permissions to access only reporting data relevant to their level of hierarchy. Because the VT has the ability to transact both credit cards and e-checks, reconciliation in the accounting department is more efficient, as report data comes from a single source, even if using an already established credit card merchant account elsewhere.

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