International Trade Services

ECI Financial Services provides management services, infrastructure and solutions for companies needing to do business both locally and globally.

Transaction Processing

ECIF provides single-source solutions for your transaction processing requirements. Transaction processing is designed to maintain a database Integrity (typically a database or some modern filesystems) in a known, consistent state, by ensuring that interdependent operations on the system are either all completed successfully or all canceled successfully.


As the local and global economies continue to grow, our Letter of Credit group has the tools and products you need to grow your business. Whether you are importing goods from overseas or need to provide financial security locally, we can meet your needs and deliver the quality service you deserve.

  • Export Letters of Credit
  • Import Letters of Credit
  • Standby Letters of Credit
  • Government Assistance
  • Trade Finance

Export Letters of Credit

Our experts will help design your export letters of credit to minimize risk and maximize cash flow. We will even assist you in developing a pro-forma letter of credit that can be incorporated in your sales contract. When you are ready to present your documents, we'll control the process from beginning to end. We'll track your payments so you don't need to, and we'll advise you immediately upon receipt. If reducing international collection time and improving your cash flow are paramount to your company, our International Group is for you.

Import Letters of Credit

If you require letters of credit to import goods and services from overseas, our team of experts can guide you through the process. Our associates are professionals with many years of experience who know that trade finance is our business, not yours. We'll provide accurate advice on constructing documents relating to your import transactions. Through TradeLink, you now have the power to send global trade transactions electronically in a fully secured environment - at any time on any day.

Standby Letters of Credit

Our standby letters of credit are widely accepted in the local US market and worldwide and support a wide variety of activities including construction, insurance premium, EPA and bond issue guarantees.

Government Assistance

There are a variety of credit and guarantee arrangements to help facilitate the export of goods and services whether for a single transaction, for a specific project or for an ongoing contract. Allow us to help you employ techniques such as recourse and non-recourse financing, receivable discounting, term financing and guarantees under government and quasi-governmental support programs through Eximbank and the S.B.A.

Trade Finance

Do you need terms from your supplier? We are prepared to support you by accepting exporter drafts under a time or deferred payment letter of credit when your company is named as the beneficiary. This facility, known as Bankers' Acceptances (BA's), can help you postpone payment until you have sold the merchandise. The rates are competitive and usually below the prime rate. If you need financing to manufacture or source merchandise for export sale, our Pre-Export Financing may be for you. We enjoy the challenge of finding a solution to your export needs.

The Network

ECI Networks in connection with our partners Information Networks, E-Profit, NuMoney, and powered by our partners IBM and Cisco.has developed a set of high quality payment processing services and support systems for businesses both public and private. This system is called our E3-EPS – (E)fficient (E)ffective (E)conomical Electronic Payment Systems.


E3TradeNet is an interactive, web-based tool for international trade transactions. This front-end system makes the processing of transactions quick and efficient. As an online service, E3TradeNet provides information when you need it, straight to your desktop with additional control and protection in processing transactions.


The E3-EPS Solution Center is designed to highlight proven solutions that combine our payment processing technology with our partners’ technologies in support of customer requirements. We understand the challenges business face when implementing electronic payment systems and point of sales systems with integrated payment. To help meet these needs, w with a range of organizations—from established industry-leading technology companies to new innovators. With these technology partnerships, ECI is able to ensure deep support and provide rich solutions across a broad spectrum of payment system infrastructures and solutions


  • Mature company with proven track record

  • Wide range of merchant services

  • Multiple POS solutions available

  • Competitive pricing

  • Quick approval and installation turnaround time

  • Customer support 24x7x365

  • Online access to accounts

We are a provider of merchant processing services and electronic transactions. Our mission is to be the industry leader in merchant services by providing an innovative suite of business solutions, a high level of quality service, and having professional, dedicated employees that increase the financial well-being of our clients.

We offer a variety of eCommerce payment solutions so that merchants can benefit from online commerce. Additionally, we have developed a gift and loyalty card program that will assist the small to mid-sized merchant in growing the value of their customer base. Our clients receive unparalleled service as a payment processing organization for around-the-clock authorizations. You can depend on our help desk to assist you at any time. Your satisfaction is our priority.


We develop customized applications to work in conjunction with your objectives to increase profitability. We have solutions for businesses in all stages of growth, giving you an important advantage in a rapidly changing marketplace. As an industry innovator, we continue to drive the payment processing industry through a vast array of customized services and innovative products. We process and safeguard many types of electronic payment transactions including all major credit cards, debit cards, EBT, stored-value, and electronic check services.


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